Industrial Diaphragm Valves

214/300 – Used in strong

acids and alkali, salts in water at high temperature. Sulphuric acid is a good example with temperatures up to 110°C and concentrations up to 96% .

214/425 – Typical applications

These are strong acids. Alkalis and salts in water at high temperature. Constant steam is also another important application .

214/226 – Strong acid, diluted

chlorine, bromine solutions at ow concentration

214S/425 – Strong acids,

alkalis and salts in water at high temperature. Constant steam applications where the valve is mainly closed (diaphragm is moulded closed).

214K/425 – Three layer

Diaphragm with PTFE / PVDF/425, the best option for Chlorine, bromine gas and Chlorinated solutions.

425 – Salts in water, acids and alkalis, ozone, water, intermittent steam. Great solution for food and beverages applications. FDA and USP approved(1)

300 – Chemicals, diluted acids and alkalis, drinking water. Additional abrasive applications like phosphoric acid with low concentration. FDA, USP and WRAS approved(1).

237 – The best solution for sodium hypochlorite. Great with strong acids and low concentration chlorine gas. It is also oil resistant.

XA – Specifically designed for both abrasive and corrosive applications such as phosphoric acid, metal treatment,
mining applications.

HT – Suitable for abrasive slurries containing hydrocarbons.

226 – Great solution for hydrogen at high temperature, concentrated acids, aromatics solvents, low concentrated chlorine solutions, ozone, unleaded petroleum.

C & CV – Lubricating oil, cutting oils, paraffin, animal vegetable oils, aviation’s kerosene at low temperatures. CV is ideal for Vacuum applications, where oils are present, (compressed air, acetylene gas, LPG).

Q – Salts in water, diluted acids and alkalis and abrasive applications.

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